Diocese of Nashville Seminarian Autobiography

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Each seminary requires and autobiography of 3-5 double-space type-written pages. The autobiography prepared for the Diocese of Nashville can be adapted for your seminary application.

Suggested Outline (Written in Essay Form):

  1. Name
  2. Birth,Parents, Siblings
  3. Describe your family life including the quality of relationships in your family in the past and present.
  4. Friends, relationships, hobbies including the ways your interact with your friends.
  5. Schools attended and memorable teachers.
  6. Describe yourself as a student including study habits, successes, and struggles.
  7. Describe activities in which you were involved in school, the community, and your local parish.
  8. Describe memorable events in your life including, jobs, peak experiences, and special persons influencing your vocation.
  9. Describe the development of your faith life including your personal relationship with Jesus, particular devotions, where you go to mass, frequency of attendance, and your current relationship(s) with the priests of your parish or other priests.
  10. Describe your present situation. Have you dated? Are you dating someone? Who are your close friends now?
  11. What draws you to the priesthood? And/or away from it?
  12. What are your strongest/weakest qualities or characteristics?
You do not need to answer these in a particular order. However, these questions should guide the items included in your finished essay.

Diocese of Nashville Office of Vocations